10 Reasons Your Voicemail Isn't A Call Handling Service

And what you can do about it ...


Voicemail; we all use it. Every single smartphone comes with it and we have it on our business lines to take messages when we're not at our desks. But a call handling service it is not ...

Here are 10 reasons your voicemail isn't a call handling service!

Here are 10 reasons your voicemail isn't a call handling service!

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Yes, people can leave a message in the hope you'll get back to them, but it's just so impersonal. Have you setup a custom message on your voicemail or is the caller left clueless they've reached the right person?

"Voicemail has many limitations that a call handling service does not!"

So this week, we thought we'd share with you our list of 10 reasons your voicemail isn't a call handling service and we're very sure you're going to agree with many of our ideas.

A call handling service:

  1. Ensures every customer feels heard

  2. Checks that the customer has provided a phone number you can call back on

  3. Doesn’t run out of space for messages

  4. Can take more than one message at a time

  5. Presents the right image at all times

  6. Is straight-forward and easy to use (for both you and your customers)

  7. Doesn’t ever stop working, break or need to be replaced

  8. Makes your customers feel valuable

  9. Gives your business a professional image at all times

  10. Can answer questions, provide directions, and do anything an in-house receptionist would for less than the price of your daily coffee

How many do you agree with?

So if you thought your voicemail is just about good enough and a call handling service is an expensive waste of time, I hope that the list above has changed your mind.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of a call handling service to your business, do give us a call on or click here to ping over an email and let's see how we can help you.

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