10 Reasons You Need To Work With A Virtual PA

Helping your business life run a whole lot smoother ...


The Office Genie is known as a quality call handling service, but did you know that we offer a Virtual PA service too? When you're tight on time, you can delegate to us knowing we'll get it done for you ...

Working with a Virtual PA can help your business life run a whole lot smoother!

Working with a Virtual PA can help your business life run a whole lot smoother!

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The biggest challenge for small business owners is having to do the things that they're either not good at or don't have the time to do. Take a look at this list of activities our clients delegate to us:

  1. Updating accounts (invoices, expenses and mileage)

  2. Putting together and sending mailshots

  3. Typing (from longhand and audio files)

  4. Answering your phone & email enquiries

  5. Arranging appointments (with both prospects and clients)

  6. Organising hotels and travel plans

  7. Internet research (competitors, clients and new products)

  8. Updating your CMS (with new contacts from networking)

  9. Building presentations ready for your sales meeting

  10. Organising your email inbox

There are many, many more things you can delegate and it really is up to you to decide what you want us to do for you, just once or on a regular basis.

"So what are the benefits to you of working with a Virtual PA like us?"

Well, the simplest answer is "help only when you need it". There's no requirement to hire someone permanently (with all the legalities, taxes, desk and equipment requirements that go with it) and you can just assign tasks as and when.

And the more you work with us, the more we'll learn your personal style and even anticipate the way you want things done and how urgently.

We offer bespoke packages, tailored exactly to the needs of your business. So if you find yourself wanting to use a range of our services on a regular basis, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then the great news is, you can!

So why not call our Virtual PA team on 01604 529171 or click here to send us an email enquiry and let's see how we can help your business life run a whole lot smoother.

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